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This documentation covers the Light Field Evaluation (LIFE) camera system developed at the Mid Sweden University. The purpose of this documentation is to serve as an information source and reference for the system and associated applications.

The Documentation system section describes how to access the documentation within the project repository using SVN, how to access project codebase, and how to add to the existing documentation.

The Devices section holds information on the Jetson computers, and how to access them for usage and development.

The Applications / Development section contains general information on the system's software design, and an overview of the developed applications (or applets) that add functionality to the camera system.

The Gstreamer section describes how the system is interacting with and using the GStreamer framework to transmit recorded data.

The following sections (Pairwise Depth Estimation, Single Video Stream, Camera Ping, Camera Viewer etc.) contain information about the specific applications denoted by the section title.

The Cloud access section contains information on how to interact with and connect to the Eriksson cloud instances. The coud instances have been set up as part of the LIFE project, and are used by several applications.

NOTE : At the completion of the LIFE project, the Eriksson cloud instances are presumed unavailable. The local sections of the camera system remain part of the 3DLab and are available for use in other 3DLab ongoing projects.

The Work section may contain notes on in-progress activities and miscellaneous documentation stubs.


Documentation system

Adding content






Connecting to a Jetson device via ssh

Accessing and storing video files on the Jetsons

Jetson setup guide

How to set up Baser camera development environment

How to setup Kinect camera development environment

How to add new cameras to the system

Camera Calibration

Applications / development

Overview of applications

Application deployment on Jetson devices

Application launch processes


Usage of GStreamer

Encoding a continous stream

How to stream single view video to any external viewer

Meta-information in streams

Measuring stream performance

Pairwise depth estimation


Process flow diagram

Configuration info

Host messages / listeners

Display apps (Consumers of PDE output)

Single video stream


How to use

How to dev. for new cameras

Rectified GStreamer videostream incl. CUDA

Camera Ping


How to use

How to dev. for new cameras

Camera Viewer


How to use

Installation and requirements

Cloud access

ERI cloud overview

How to access and control the cloud instances

Available functions and controls

Dimenco display

Dimenco RTP client

Dimenco output format

Unity 3D runtime for dimenco output

3D Ripper configuration and use

Relaying native OpenGL output from ssh host


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