Adding content to the cms

To add content to the cms create a md file in the proper directory.

Files are named []. The md extension indicates they are formatted by markdown. The resource url willnot have the .md extension.

After the file is created it is important it is added to source control. You can use

svn add

At the end of the file you should put the svn keyword $Id: 19 2017-05-03 10:10:56Z martin $. Like this:

File contents ...

svn-info: $Id: 19 2017-05-03 10:10:56Z martin $

You now need to tell your svn client to do keyword substitution for this file. You can use

svn propset svn:keywords Id

This will insert commit information into the file on each commit. Note that this needs to be done on every file you commit. It is a local property of your repository.

This makes sure that each page has the proper author and revision number displayed at the end of the page.

Publishing updated or new content

To publish a file you simply do

svn commit

Or if you want to include the commit message on the command-line instead of an editor

svn commit -m "You write a descriptive message of your commit here"

In the content directory or any of its parents. Provide a description of your commit. The description should be descriptive. Serious infractions leads to fika-bröd penalty.

The directory structure will be described at at later date.

commit info: $Id: 19 2017-05-03 10:10:56Z martin $