Cloud Access

Update: As of completion of LIFE project, the Eriksson Cloud is no longer available. Content below is left for legacy/reference purposes only.

The Cloud instances are running in an Ericsson cloud server, based in Lund, Sweden.

The Master instance's current IP is Contact Elijs or Zhi or Martin for info.

The instances can be accessed by SSH (for authentication keys, contact Elijs / Martin / Zhi).

Most of the cloud operations are controlled using HTTP requests through an on-cloud web service. Instructions and format are given in Cloud Controls.

Instance IPs:

The instance status and properties (IPs, ports etc.) can be viewed from the cloud's management interface, at . Login details for this must be negotiated with Ericsson.

Web-service startup:

The web service is responsible for enabling the HTTP-request based controls. This is achieved from the master instance's terminal. THe terminal can be reached either by ssh (preferred), or through Ericsson cloud management interface:

Once the terminal has been reached, enter the following:

cd /home/ubuntu/distrvideo/WebServiceAPI
python -host SERVERIP

If the web serivce needs to be stopped, the command is:

kill the web-service by “kill -9 <id>” ( id is listed by “ps -e | grep python”)

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