GStreamer: pipeline performance measurement

Measurement Framework

For piecewise analysis of Gstreamer pipelines (latency per module, cpu usage etc.), we can use the GstShark framework.


To conduct the tests, the GstShark needs to be installed on the Jetson(s).

Follow the GstShark installation guide, except for two points:

  1. Don't install octave, epstool, babeltrace, or graphviz.

  2. Instead of ./ "options", jetsons need
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/home/ubuntu/gstreamer-build/out/lib/pkgconfig && ./ --prefix /home/ubuntu/gstreamer-build/out/ --libdir /home/ubuntu/gstreamer-build/out/lib/ --disable-graphviz

To analyze test trace files, the GstShark should be installed fully on some other device, as Jetsons are space-limited and not up to latest library versions; so some GstShark visualization outputs are not quite functional.

On this normal ubuntu device, just install GstShark according to their instructions as-is.


Details to come (for now, use the GstShark instructions). Basic model: generate tracefile with a live stream on Jetsons, scp tracefile onto your own device, plot and analyze trace data on your own device.

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