Camera Calibration in the 3DLab camera system

Currently, there is no fancy application for calibrating cameras. For the Basler cameras on Jetsons, there is a utility application "GrabRawImageForCalibration". This application records one image, in RGB8-Packed binary format, to a file location of your choosing.

The current process is this:

  1. Record as many calibration images as you need on each Jetson using the grabrawimageforcalibration -store ImageName.rgb8 application. You're responsible for the calibration image content and cross-jetson synchronization. The send-to-allcommand from 3DLab/code/scripts can help with this, but note that it is not guaranteed synchronous.

  2. Move calibration image binaries to a computer of your choosing.

  3. Use an application of your choosing - such as Matlab or custom-crafted OpenCV app - to generate the calibration matrices.

  4. If calibration has to be applied to the cameras, then you have to integrate that functionality into a camera application. Ideally, copy an existing project such as GStreamerCameraAppSource, and add the extra functionality in the forked copy.

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