configuration log

After the installation described by the makefiles in the build folder, the following steps have been taken.

  1. A checkout is made to a pico accessible directory. {PICODIR}/content is the current configuiration.
  2. A commit hook is added to the post-commit hook script

    svn update {PICODIR}/content

This allows immediate webviewing of comitted content. It also means that the "public" web view is HEAD. If editing is required that only shows in your local install, and not on the public web, create another branch in the repo.

Creating a user for pico

  1. Create user with the regular adduser
  2. Copy ssh-public key to /home/user/.ssh/
  3. Add to gropus www-data and svn.

    adduser user svn adduser user www-data

last commit: $Id: 36 2017-05-22 06:56:39Z martin $