Ping cam utility - adding new camera support


The purpose of pingcam is to verify that the camera API compiles, can be used in a project, and that the camera itself can be queried for information.

When developing the pingcam application for New Camera, follow the checklist:


  1. Install New Camera APIs and necessary libraries on the Jetson you connect the new camera onto, and on the development computer.
  2. Make a Netbeans (or other IDE) project that uses the camera libraries/API.
  3. Use the camera API to:
    • Set pointer-to-camera
    • 'Open' connection to the camera
    • Use pointer-to-camera to get camera ID, or name, or model as OUTPUTVAR
    • 'Close' connection to the camera
    • Print Using Device OUTPUTVAR.
  4. Try to build it on local device
  5. Use SVN to move and build it on the jetson (a build script in svn../code/scripts/jetson-scripts would be nice, check existing scripts' naming).
  6. Try to run on the jetson - in headed mode and over ssh. Resolve any issues as they appear, if possible.

commit: $Id: 661 2018-03-16 07:46:03Z elidim $