We start the course by a short introduction to the course and the topic.

The course

All details about the course can be found in the study guide --- read it!

Teaching and tutoring

Interactive sessions will use Zoom, in particular the this room. There are clients for the web browser (no installation), the computer (Linux, Mac, Windows) and smartphones (Android, iPhone). Note that it is mandatory to have functioning webcam and headset (anyone with a smartphone has this and so does anyone with a laptop).

You can also use this tool for yourselves too to have meetings in working groups, practice for presentations etc.: just start the client and create your own meeting.

However, there will be in-classroom sessions too, like labs, seminars and presentations.

Asynchronous communication

The best way to get questions answered in the course is to post them in the course forum. Then any teacher can answer and other students can see that their question has already been asked and answered.

Times and schedule

All scheduled events for this course will be scheduled using the University's central scheduling system. That means all events should be visible to you in your personal schedule in the Student Portal and be able to export them to the calendar app of your choice.

The topic

To familiarize yourself with the topic and its importance in society, we will start the course with a seminar to discuss the role of security: What's up with security?. Start by creating or signing up to a group (see Working Groups below). These groups will be reused throughout the course, whenever group work is required.