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asio::detail::select_reactor Class Reference

#include <select_reactor.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for asio::detail::select_reactor:
asio::detail::service_base< select_reactor > asio::io_service::service asio::detail::noncopyable


struct  per_descriptor_data

Public Types

enum  op_types {
  read_op = 0, write_op = 1, except_op = 2, max_select_ops = 3,
  connect_op = 1, max_ops = 3

Public Member Functions

ASIO_DECL select_reactor (asio::io_service &io_service)
ASIO_DECL ~select_reactor ()
ASIO_DECL void shutdown_service ()
 Destroy all user-defined handler objects owned by the service. More...
ASIO_DECL void fork_service (asio::io_service::fork_event fork_ev)
ASIO_DECL void init_task ()
ASIO_DECL int register_descriptor (socket_type, per_descriptor_data &)
ASIO_DECL int register_internal_descriptor (int op_type, socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &descriptor_data, reactor_op *op)
void post_immediate_completion (reactor_op *op, bool is_continuation)
ASIO_DECL void start_op (int op_type, socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &, reactor_op *op, bool is_continuation, bool)
ASIO_DECL void cancel_ops (socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &)
ASIO_DECL void deregister_descriptor (socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &, bool closing)
ASIO_DECL void deregister_internal_descriptor (socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &descriptor_data)
ASIO_DECL void move_descriptor (socket_type descriptor, per_descriptor_data &target_descriptor_data, per_descriptor_data &source_descriptor_data)
template<typename Time_Traits >
void add_timer_queue (timer_queue< Time_Traits > &queue)
template<typename Time_Traits >
void remove_timer_queue (timer_queue< Time_Traits > &queue)
template<typename Time_Traits >
void schedule_timer (timer_queue< Time_Traits > &queue, const typename Time_Traits::time_type &time, typename timer_queue< Time_Traits >::per_timer_data &timer, wait_op *op)
template<typename Time_Traits >
std::size_t cancel_timer (timer_queue< Time_Traits > &queue, typename timer_queue< Time_Traits >::per_timer_data &timer, std::size_t max_cancelled=(std::numeric_limits< std::size_t >::max)())
ASIO_DECL void run (bool block, op_queue< operation > &ops)
ASIO_DECL void interrupt ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from asio::detail::service_base< select_reactor >
 service_base (asio::io_service &io_service)
- Public Member Functions inherited from asio::io_service::service
asio::io_serviceget_io_service ()
 Get the io_service object that owns the service. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from asio::detail::service_base< select_reactor >
static asio::detail::service_id< select_reactorid
- Protected Member Functions inherited from asio::io_service::service
ASIO_DECL service (asio::io_service &owner)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ASIO_DECL ~service ()
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file select_reactor.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 57 of file select_reactor.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

asio::detail::select_reactor::select_reactor ( asio::io_service io_service)

Definition at line 37 of file select_reactor.ipp.

asio::detail::select_reactor::~select_reactor ( )

Definition at line 55 of file select_reactor.ipp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Time_Traits >
void asio::detail::select_reactor::add_timer_queue ( timer_queue< Time_Traits > &  queue)

Definition at line 32 of file select_reactor.hpp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::cancel_ops ( socket_type  descriptor,

Definition at line 142 of file select_reactor.ipp.

template<typename Time_Traits >
std::size_t asio::detail::select_reactor::cancel_timer ( timer_queue< Time_Traits > &  queue,
typename timer_queue< Time_Traits >::per_timer_data &  timer,
std::size_t  max_cancelled = (std::numeric_limits<std::size_t>::max)() 

Definition at line 64 of file select_reactor.hpp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::deregister_descriptor ( socket_type  descriptor,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data ,
bool  closing 

Definition at line 149 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::deregister_internal_descriptor ( socket_type  descriptor,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data descriptor_data 

Definition at line 156 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::fork_service ( asio::io_service::fork_event  event)

Handle notification of a fork-related event to perform any necessary housekeeping. This function is not a pure virtual so that services only have to implement it if necessary. The default implementation does nothing.

Reimplemented from asio::io_service::service.

Definition at line 89 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::init_task ( )

Definition at line 95 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::interrupt ( )

Definition at line 242 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::move_descriptor ( socket_type  descriptor,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data target_descriptor_data,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data source_descriptor_data 

Definition at line 118 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::post_immediate_completion ( reactor_op op,
bool  is_continuation 

Definition at line 93 of file select_reactor.hpp.

int asio::detail::select_reactor::register_descriptor ( socket_type  ,

Definition at line 100 of file select_reactor.ipp.

int asio::detail::select_reactor::register_internal_descriptor ( int  op_type,
socket_type  descriptor,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data descriptor_data,
reactor_op op 

Definition at line 106 of file select_reactor.ipp.

template<typename Time_Traits >
void asio::detail::select_reactor::remove_timer_queue ( timer_queue< Time_Traits > &  queue)

Definition at line 39 of file select_reactor.hpp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::run ( bool  block,
op_queue< operation > &  ops 

Definition at line 165 of file select_reactor.ipp.

template<typename Time_Traits >
void asio::detail::select_reactor::schedule_timer ( timer_queue< Time_Traits > &  queue,
const typename Time_Traits::time_type &  time,
typename timer_queue< Time_Traits >::per_timer_data &  timer,
wait_op op 

Definition at line 45 of file select_reactor.hpp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::shutdown_service ( )

Destroy all user-defined handler objects owned by the service.

Implements asio::io_service::service.

Definition at line 60 of file select_reactor.ipp.

void asio::detail::select_reactor::start_op ( int  op_type,
socket_type  descriptor,
select_reactor::per_descriptor_data ,
reactor_op op,
bool  is_continuation,

Definition at line 124 of file select_reactor.ipp.

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