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asio::ssl::detail::engine Class Reference

#include <engine.hpp>

Public Types

enum  want { want_input_and_retry = -2, want_output_and_retry = -1, want_nothing = 0, want_output = 1 }

Public Member Functions

ASIO_DECL engine (SSL_CTX *context)
ASIO_DECL ~engine ()
ASIO_DECL SSL * native_handle ()
ASIO_DECL asio::error_code set_verify_mode (verify_mode v, asio::error_code &ec)
ASIO_DECL asio::error_code set_verify_depth (int depth, asio::error_code &ec)
ASIO_DECL asio::error_code set_verify_callback (verify_callback_base *callback, asio::error_code &ec)
ASIO_DECL want handshake (stream_base::handshake_type type, asio::error_code &ec)
ASIO_DECL want shutdown (asio::error_code &ec)
ASIO_DECL want write (const asio::const_buffer &data, asio::error_code &ec, std::size_t &bytes_transferred)
ASIO_DECL want read (const asio::mutable_buffer &data, asio::error_code &ec, std::size_t &bytes_transferred)
ASIO_DECL asio::mutable_buffers_1 get_output (const asio::mutable_buffer &data)
ASIO_DECL asio::const_buffer put_input (const asio::const_buffer &data)
ASIO_DECL const asio::error_codemap_error_code (asio::error_code &ec) const

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 40 of file engine.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

asio::ssl::detail::engine::engine ( SSL_CTX *  context)

Definition at line 36 of file engine.ipp.

asio::ssl::detail::engine::~engine ( )

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Member Function Documentation

asio::mutable_buffers_1 asio::ssl::detail::engine::get_output ( const asio::mutable_buffer data)

Definition at line 173 of file engine.ipp.

engine::want asio::ssl::detail::engine::handshake ( stream_base::handshake_type  type,
asio::error_code ec 

Definition at line 133 of file engine.ipp.

const asio::error_code & asio::ssl::detail::engine::map_error_code ( asio::error_code ec) const

Definition at line 195 of file engine.ipp.

SSL * asio::ssl::detail::engine::native_handle ( )

Definition at line 72 of file engine.ipp.

asio::const_buffer asio::ssl::detail::engine::put_input ( const asio::const_buffer data)

Definition at line 184 of file engine.ipp.

engine::want asio::ssl::detail::engine::read ( const asio::mutable_buffer data,
asio::error_code ec,
std::size_t &  bytes_transferred 

Definition at line 159 of file engine.ipp.

asio::error_code asio::ssl::detail::engine::set_verify_callback ( verify_callback_base callback,
asio::error_code ec 

Definition at line 95 of file engine.ipp.

asio::error_code asio::ssl::detail::engine::set_verify_depth ( int  depth,
asio::error_code ec 

Definition at line 86 of file engine.ipp.

asio::error_code asio::ssl::detail::engine::set_verify_mode ( verify_mode  v,
asio::error_code ec 

Definition at line 77 of file engine.ipp.

engine::want asio::ssl::detail::engine::shutdown ( asio::error_code ec)

Definition at line 140 of file engine.ipp.

engine::want asio::ssl::detail::engine::write ( const asio::const_buffer data,
asio::error_code ec,
std::size_t &  bytes_transferred 

Definition at line 145 of file engine.ipp.

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